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Day 15: Arrived in Helsinki

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Got to Helsinki at about 10am and took the crowded tram to the Train Station to catch the airport bus since the hotel is by the airport. Kate was in the back of the tram and I had to go to the front to pay and couldn't get back to where she was. On a few of the stops I got off and got back on farther back on the train and finally got back to where she was in the last car. Was afraid that I would get caught outside the tram and loose her since she didn't know where to get off.

Found the airport bus and went to the airport and finally found the free bus to the hotel. Hotel was great with a nice big room, TV, and bathroom.

Got ourselves together and headed back to Helsinki. The only problem with the hotel is that it costs us 4 euro pp per tram to get to downtown.

Walked around Helsinki and did the usual. There were only a few souvenir shops so it doesn't look like they have many tourists. Kate found her favorite store so she was happy.

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