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Day 14: Overnight Ferry Stockholm to Helsinki

Monday, April 19, 2010
Checked out of the hotel and put our luggage in the hotel storage. Took the subway to downtown for a final look around.

Bought final souvenirs and had lunch at a British place. Lunch was a delicious piece of chicken swaddled in bacon, and potatos with a cheese and wine sauce.

Kate made a final stop at H&M to buy some tennis shoes. Then we took subway back to the hotel to pick up the bags. Walked the 500m or so back to subway with all of our stuff and went to the ferry bus stop that we had found earlier. Lots of people on the bus and at the ferry terminal. The ferry was super efficient and we went right on board. It was a huge ferry, just like a little cruise ship with restaurants, bars, casino, entertainment, circus, pool/sauna, etc.

Put out stuff in the room which was at the very bottom of the boat, under the car decks, and then went on deck outside to watch the departure from Stockholm. Later we found a couch with a big window so sat there for a few hours and watched the excellent scenery. The boat stayed really close to the bank and there were houses and villages all along the waterfront.

After dark we went and watched a high-wire circus act that was above the main promenade and then had a few beers in a bar with live music. After that went to dinner and had some pasta and more beer, Lapin-something. The cabin was cozy with a bathroom and shower and two upper bunk beds. We started in the same bed but they were about half the size of a twin bed so I moved to the other bunk a little later.

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