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Day 13: Full Day Exploring Stockholm

Sunday, April 18, 2010
Got up at 8ish and played on the Acer while Kate slept. Later went down for coffee and started planning our trop to Finland. Found out that we both needed a visa to Russia so started working on that.

Relaxed in the hotel since it was Sunday and then headed downtown on the subway at about noon. Stopped at a grocery store and had salads for lunch on a park bench outside of the store in a little neighborhood.

SNAPSHOT: I am sitting in a coffee shop called Moda Cafe which is an extension of Kate's favorite store, H&M, where she is shopping again. I am sipping on my tiny 2 euro coffee. The waitress is a typical young blond swedish girl and the manager asked me about my little Acer computer. There are a couple of tables of Swedes who are keeping an eye on me. It's a sunny but chilly Sunday in Stockholm and we need to take more pictures. Most of the people in Stockholm have been super friendly since I ask for directions about every five minutes.

Went to the movie theater to buy our tickets and then saw an outdoor flee market in a big plaza. We found a huge cheap suitcase on wheels so bought it for 30 euros and had to take it back to the hotel. We needed it to replace Kate's huge, cheap, cumbersome, oversized backpack that is now to heavy to lug around.

On the way back from the hotel to downtown, got off at a different stop which had views from a hillside of downtown. Took some pictures there and then went to the movie at 6:20.

The movie was Date Night and was pretty funny. After the movie we had dinner at kabob place and then took the metro back to the hotel just as it was getting dark. It was raining a little when we got out of the movie.

Made our reservations for a hotel in Helsinki.


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