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Day 11: All Day in Malmo, Sweden

Friday, April 16, 2010
Got up at 8am and went downstairs to the hotel restaurant to have coffee while Kate stayed in bed. We have to check out at 12N so we will hang around the hotel until then. Packed up, checked out, and left our bags in hotel storage.

After checking out, took the bus back to downtown and Kate went on a shopping spree at her favorite new store, H&M, which is having a huge sale. I went next door to McDonald's to drink more coffee and use the free wifi.

It's a windy, sunny but frigid day in southerm Sweden. There are a lot of people in the street and in the sidewalk cafe's and coffee shops. I am in Espresso House which is across the street from the 2nd H&M writing this.

Malmo has a vibrant city center full of young people. The style here for girls is leggings with short skirts or long blouses so that is what Kate is looking for.

At 6pm went to the movie 'The Bounty Hunter'. The theatres had assigned seats and the movie cost about 10€. We had to leave about 10 minutes early because we didn't want to get to the night bus to Stockholm too late.

Grabbed a bus back to the hotel to get our stuff out of their storage closet and caught the same bus back to downtown. We thought that the bus went all the way to the Central Station but it turned off and we had to hop off real quick and walk a little farther. Got to the bus early and got good seats. Sat at a table with two other people in front of us.

Horrific night because we couldn't get comfortable and the idiot driver had the heat cranked up all the way. In the middle of the night, I took off my sweater forgetting that my glasses were hanging on the front of it and my glasses ended up on the floor in the aisle. Somehow, I found them their the next morning and nobody had stepped on them.

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