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Day 10: Full day in Malmo, Sweden

Thursday, April 15, 2010
Arrived in Malmo on the bus at 6:30 am. Walked about 15 minutes to the Central Station and got some kroner from a cash machine and figured out which bus to take to our hotel, Hotel Ibis, which is a little ways outside of the city center.

Found the bus and the driver didn't make us pay because he didn't have change for 100 Kroner notes. The bus cost 18 kroner = 1.80€ = $2.10 each way per person.

Got directions to the hotel from the bus driver but he sent us the wrong way to a youth hostel. Asked another lady on the street and she also sent us the wrong way. Went back to the bus stop and asked some kids and they sent us the right way.

Walked about 15 minutes to the hotel but coundn't check in until 10am so we had to hang around and kill 2 hours. We got in trouble for sleeping on a couch in the lobby. A lady woke us up and told us we couldn't sleep there since there was a convention and the people were coming to the lobby lounge area.

Finally got to check in to the hotel and took a 2 hour nap and got up at about 12:30pm. Hotel Ibis is Kate's new favorite hotel because they are modern, chic and don't cost a fortune. Got ready and headed downtown to check out Malmo and find transportation to Stockholm for the next day.

First went to a huge Walmart-like store across the street from the hotel. Then went back to Central Station by bus which didn't charge us again since I was asking him for a 24 hour bus pass and he didn't understand me or something.

After some research we found an overnight bus that leaves at 10pm so bought tickets for that. There was a cheap train but it left at noon and arrived at 6pm so we would also have to pay for a hotel in expensive Stockholm.

Spent the rest of the afternoon walking around and shopping in downtown. Got back to the hotel at about 8pm (still light out) and uploaded some pictures. Had to pay for a day of internet access.

Also booked our hotel in Stockholm, the Hotel Ibis there for about 55€ per night.

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