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Beijing West Train Station

Beijing, China
Monday, July 2, 2018
Beijing West Train Station is the last stop on Beijing MTR Subway Line 7.

There are information counters and the agents may speak a tiny bit of English.

Ticket counters to buy or pick up online tickets are inside. One ticket window has English service, look for the sign.

International Train tickets to Mongolia must be purchased from a special travel agency.

Entrances for the train gates are outside. Foreigners can't use the automated machine lines because passports must be checked by an agent.

Gate numbers for the trains are shown on the big screens throughout the staion inside and outside.

Lines are long so arrive early especially on the weekends.

Once it's time to board, the platform number will be shown on the gate screen and the gates will open. What looks like an impossible number of people will pass through fairly quickly and dissipate as they spread out on the platform to find their coaches.

The coach number and seat number are shown on the tickets and are easily found on the train. There is an attendant at the entrance to each coach to check tickets.

On a standard non-bullet train, there are 3 ticket classes in order from cheapest to most expensive: hard seat, hard bunk, and soft bunk.

The hard seats are normal padded seats and are not harder than normal.


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