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Beijing MTR Metro Card (Yikatong Card)

Beijing, China
Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Each card requires a CNY20 refundable deposit. Generally, it is suggested to buy CNY100 for a one-week stay.

Succeeding top-up amounts must be in multiples of CNY10, and the maximum is CNY1,000. One can buy and use the card without registration. Once lost, it is hard to get it back. Therefore, storing a large sum on the card should be avoided.

Where to Buy & Top Up Yikatong Card

1. Customer Service Center of all subway stations

2. Ticket windows of the Airport Express Train:
T3: 06:20 - 22:50;
T2: 06:35 - 23:10 (also for card-return service)

The Beijing Subway operates from 5am and 11pm. First and last trains have different schedules depending on the line.

The Airport Express operates from approximately 6 am until 11 pm depending on the direction.


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