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Spring time in Europe 2019

This is a photo blog about my three month trip to the United Kingdom and Western Europe in the spring of 2019. I
went early in the year to beat the Summer crowds. Originally I was only going to travel around the United Kingdom but I decided to skip my return airline ticket and continue on to the mainland.

Here is the itinerary:
France (passed through)
San Marino


Blog Posts (100)

Tuesday, Day Trip From Frankfurt to Heidelberg, Germany (2019-06-25) 584
Sunday, A Quiet Day in Frankfurt, Germany (2019-06-23) 571
Saturday, Stuttgart to Frankfurt by Train (2019-06-22) 555
Friday, First Day of Summer in Stuttgart, Germany (2019-06-21) 993
Thursday, Munich to Stuttgart by Bus (2019-06-20) 502
Wednesday, All Day in Munich, Germany (2019-06-19) 667
Tuesday, Bregenz, Austria to Munich, Germany by Bus (2019-06-18) 443
Monday, Day Trip from Bregenz, Austria to Lindau, Germany by Boat (2019-06-17) 418
Sunday, Bregenz, Austria to Vaduz, Liechtenstein Day Trip (2019-06-16) 400
Saturday, Trento, Italy to Bregenz, Austria by Bus and Train (2019-06-15) 367
Thursday, All Day Exploring Trento, Italy (2019-06-13) 572
Wednesday, Ravenna, Italy to Trento, Italy by Train (2019-06-12) 481
Tuesday, Day Trip from Ravenna, Italy to San Marino (2019-06-11) 504
Monday, Exploring the Unesco World Heritage Sites in Ravenna, Italy (2019-06-10) 389
Sunday, Florence to Ravenna, Italy by Train (2019-06-09) 472
Saturday, Montalcino to Florence, Italy by Car (2019-06-08) 347
Friday, Driving Around Tuscany (2019-06-07) 360
Thursday, Day Trip to Fiesole High Above Florence (2019-06-06) 358
Wednesday, All Day Exploring Florence, Italy (2019-06-05) 496
Tuesday, Marseille, France to Florence, Italy by Bus and Train (2019-06-04) 358
Monday, Another Day Exploring Marseille, France (2019-06-03) 332
Sunday, All Day in Marseille, France (2019-06-02) 381
Saturday, Carcassonne to Marseille by Train (2019-06-01) 448
Friday, All Day in Historic Carcassone, France (2019-05-31) 364
Thursday, Toulouse to Carcassonne, France by Train (2019-05-30) 373
Wednesday, Musée des Augustins and Basilique Saint-Sernin (2019-05-29) 400
Tuesday, All Day Exploring Toulouse, France (2019-05-28) 361
Monday, Zaragoza, Spain to Toulouse, France by Bus (2019-05-27) 365
Sunday, Day Trip from Zaragoza to Tudela, Spain (2019-05-26) 521
Saturday, All Day in Zaragoza, Spain (2019-05-25) 422
Friday, Went from Barcelona to Zaragoza Spain by Bus (2019-05-24) 351
Tuesday, Day Trip from Barcelona to Figueres and the Dalí Museum (2019-05-21) 789
Sunday, Hiked from Tibidabo to Sant Medir and Sant Cugat (2019-05-19) 520
Saturday, Another Day Exploring Barcelona's Historic Gothic Quarter (2019-05-18) 332
Friday, Museo Europeo de Arte Moderno (MEAM) (2019-05-17) 412
Thursday, Went to Els Cuatre Gats, Plaça del Rei, and Montjuïc Castle (2019-05-16) 466
Wednesday, Went to the top of Tibidabo Mountain (2019-05-15) 383
Tuesday, Picasso Museum and Sagrada Familia (2019-05-14) 436
Monday, Park Güell, Casa Battlo, and La Pedrera (2019-05-13) 421
Sunday, Flight from Frankfurt to Barcelona (2019-05-12) 393
Friday, Moselkern to Frankfurt by Train (2019-05-10) 457
Thursday, Trier to Moselkern Germany by Train and Burg Eltz Castle (2019-05-09) 400
Wednesday, Day Trip from Trier Germany to Luxembourg (2019-05-08) 419
Tuesday, Cologne to Trier, Germany by Train (2019-05-07) 340
Sunday, Day Trip from Cologne to Dusseldorf (2019-05-05) 406
Saturday, Cologne to Bonn By Bike Along the Rhine River (2019-05-04) 671
Thursday, Day Trip from Cologne to Bonn (2019-05-02) 444
Tuesday, Utrecht, Holland to Cologne, Germany By Bus (2019-04-30) 573
Monday, Another Day Exploring Amsterdam (2019-04-29) 367
Sunday, Day Trip to Amsterdam from Utrecht (2019-04-28) 414
Saturday, All Day Bike Ride North of Utrecht Netherlands (2019-04-27) 406
Friday, Brussels to Utrecht, Netherlands by Bus (2019-04-26) 364
Thursday, Saw the Atomium and Other Sites Around Brussels (2019-04-25) 495
Wednesday, Bruges to Brussels by Bus (2019-04-24) 393
Tuesday, Biked Along the Canals From Bruges to the Beach and Back (2019-04-23) 491
Monday, Went from Dover to Calais by Ferry and to Bruges, Belgium by Bus (2019-04-22) 395
Sunday, Went Hiking at the White Cliffs of Dover (2019-04-21) 569
Saturday, Day Trip from Dover to Canterbury (2019-04-20) 388
Friday, Went to Dover Castle (2019-04-19) 420
Thursday, Brighton to Dover by Bus (2019-04-18) 325
Wednesday, Went Hiking at the Seven Sisters Country Park (2019-04-17) 367
Monday, Weymouth to Brighton by Bus (2019-04-15) 399
Sunday, Went to the Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove (2019-04-14) 452
Saturday, Fossil Hunting at Charmouth Beach (2019-04-13) 292
Friday, Cardiff Wales to The Jurassic Coast by Train (2019-04-12) 409
Thursday, Went to the famous Caerphilly Castle (2019-04-11) 609
Wednesday, All Day Exploring Cardiff and Cardiff Bay (2019-04-10) 397
Tuesday, Betws-y-Coed to Cardiff by Train (2019-04-09) 326
Monday, Went to See the Caernarfon Castle (2019-04-08) 318
Sunday, Hiking in Snowdonia National Park (2019-04-07) 583
Saturday, Conwy Castle and Beach Hike to Llandudno (2019-04-06) 312
Friday, Liverpool to Betws-Y-Coed Wales by Train and Bus (2019-04-05) 317
Thursday, All Day Exploring Liverpool England (2019-04-04) 305
Wednesday, Glasgow to Liverpool by Bus (2019-04-03) 298
Tuesday, Day Trip to Stirling Castle and Wallace Monument (2019-04-02) 297
Sunday, Went to Bothwell Castle and Clyde River Trail (2019-03-31) 555
Saturday, All Day Exploring Glasgow Scotland (2019-03-30) 406
Friday, Portree Isle of Skye to Glasgow by Bus (2019-03-29) 353
Thursday, Hiked up to the Old Man of Storr Rock Pinnacles (2019-03-28) 313
Wednesday, Hiked the Great Escarpment near Portree Scotland (2019-03-27) 296
Tuesday, All Day Tour of Isle of Skye (2019-03-26) 288
Monday, Inverness to Portree, Isle of Skye, by Bus (2019-03-25) 356
Sunday, Carnac Point and Merkinch Nature Reserve (2019-03-24) 576
Saturday, Hiked the Great Glen Way from Inverness (2019-03-23) 378
Friday, Bike Ride to Loch Ness and Caledonian Canal (2019-03-22) 322
Thursday, Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle (2019-03-21) 261
Wednesday, Edinburgh to Inverness by Bus (2019-03-20) 236
Tuesday, Craigmiller Castle and Rosslyn Chapel (2019-03-19) 562
Monday, Greyfriar's Kirkyard, Greyfriar's Bobby, and St. Mary's Cathedral (2019-03-18) 461
Sunday, Calton Hill and Arthur's Seat (2019-03-17) 360
Friday, Edinburgh Castle and Old Town (2019-03-15) 407
Thursday, London to Edinburgh by Train (2019-03-14) 290
Wednesday, Buckingham Palace Changing of the Guard and Hampstead Heath (2019-03-13) 361
Tuesday, St Paul's Cathedral and The National Gallery (2019-03-12) 312
Monday, All Day Tour to Stonehenge and Bath (2019-03-11) 282
Sunday, Tower Bridge and Camden Market (2019-03-10) 414
Saturday, Went to Buckingham Palace, Fleet Street, and St. Paul's Cathedral (2019-03-09) 355
Friday, Palace of Westminster, Tower Bridge (2019-03-08) 416
Thursday, First Day in London (2019-03-07) 379