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Spring time in Europe 2019

This is a photo blog about my three month trip to the United Kingdom and Western Europe in the spring of 2019. I'm went early early in the year to beat the Summer crowds. Originally I was only going to travel around the United Kingdom but I decided to skip my return airline ticket and continue on to the mainland.

Here is the itinerary:
France (passed through)
San Marino


Blog Posts (100)

Tuesday, Day Trip From Frankfurt to Heidelberg, Germany (2019-06-25) 326
Sunday, A Quiet Day in Frankfurt, Germany (2019-06-23) 281
Saturday, Stuttgart to Frankfurt by Train (2019-06-22) 317
Friday, First Day of Summer in Stuttgart, Germany (2019-06-21) 546
Thursday, Munich to Stuttgart by Bus (2019-06-20) 297
Wednesday, All Day in Munich, Germany (2019-06-19) 366
Tuesday, Bregenz, Austria to Munich, Germany by Bus (2019-06-18) 215
Monday, Day Trip from Bregenz, Austria to Lindau, Germany by Boat (2019-06-17) 201
Sunday, Bregenz, Austria to Vaduz, Liechtenstein Day Trip (2019-06-16) 183
Saturday, Trento, Italy to Bregenz, Austria by Bus and Train (2019-06-15) 193
Thursday, All Day Exploring Trento, Italy (2019-06-13) 394
Wednesday, Ravenna, Italy to Trento, Italy by Train (2019-06-12) 253
Tuesday, Day Trip from Ravenna, Italy to San Marino (2019-06-11) 312
Monday, Exploring the Unesco World Heritage Sites in Ravenna, Italy (2019-06-10) 202
Sunday, Florence to Ravenna, Italy by Train (2019-06-09) 286
Saturday, Montalcino to Florence, Italy by Car (2019-06-08) 192
Friday, Driving Around Tuscany (2019-06-07) 204
Thursday, Day Trip to Fiesole High Above Florence (2019-06-06) 217
Wednesday, All Day Exploring Florence, Italy (2019-06-05) 297
Tuesday, Marseille, France to Florence, Italy by Bus and Train (2019-06-04) 180
Monday, Another Day Exploring Marseille, France (2019-06-03) 173
Sunday, All Day in Marseille, France (2019-06-02) 197
Saturday, Carcassonne to Marseille by Train (2019-06-01) 225
Friday, All Day in Historic Carcassone, France (2019-05-31) 197
Thursday, Toulouse to Carcassonne, France by Train (2019-05-30) 189
Wednesday, Musée des Augustins and Basilique Saint-Sernin (2019-05-29) 226
Tuesday, All Day Exploring Toulouse, France (2019-05-28) 185
Monday, Zaragoza, Spain to Toulouse, France by Bus (2019-05-27) 198
Sunday, Day Trip from Zaragoza to Tudela, Spain (2019-05-26) 315
Saturday, All Day in Zaragoza, Spain (2019-05-25) 262
Friday, Went from Barcelona to Zaragoza Spain by Bus (2019-05-24) 202
Tuesday, Day Trip from Barcelona to Figueres and the Dalí Museum (2019-05-21) 408
Sunday, Hiked from Tibidabo to Sant Medir and Sant Cugat (2019-05-19) 279
Saturday, Another Day Exploring Barcelona's Historic Gothic Quarter (2019-05-18) 190
Friday, Museo Europeo de Arte Moderno (MEAM) (2019-05-17) 240
Thursday, Went to Els Cuatre Gats, Plaça del Rei, and Montjuïc Castle (2019-05-16) 273
Wednesday, Went to the top of Tibidabo Mountain (2019-05-15) 228
Tuesday, Picasso Museum and Sagrada Familia (2019-05-14) 267
Monday, Park Güell, Casa Battlo, and La Pedrera (2019-05-13) 249
Sunday, Flight from Frankfurt to Barcelona (2019-05-12) 257
Friday, Moselkern to Frankfurt by Train (2019-05-10) 238
Thursday, Trier to Moselkern Germany by Train and Burg Eltz Castle (2019-05-09) 210
Wednesday, Day Trip from Trier Germany to Luxembourg (2019-05-08) 236
Tuesday, Cologne to Trier, Germany by Train (2019-05-07) 201
Sunday, Day Trip from Cologne to Dusseldorf (2019-05-05) 243
Saturday, Cologne to Bonn By Bike Along the Rhine River (2019-05-04) 355
Thursday, Day Trip from Cologne to Bonn (2019-05-02) 283
Tuesday, Utrecht, Holland to Cologne, Germany By Bus (2019-04-30) 324
Monday, Another Day Exploring Amsterdam (2019-04-29) 186
Sunday, Day Trip to Amsterdam from Utrecht (2019-04-28) 237
Saturday, All Day Bike Ride North of Utrecht Netherlands (2019-04-27) 213
Friday, Brussels to Utrecht, Netherlands by Bus (2019-04-26) 198
Thursday, Saw the Atomium and Other Sites Around Brussels (2019-04-25) 291
Wednesday, Bruges to Brussels by Bus (2019-04-24) 188
Tuesday, Biked Along the Canals From Bruges to the Beach and Back (2019-04-23) 256
Monday, Went from Dover to Calais by Ferry and to Bruges, Belgium by Bus (2019-04-22) 203
Sunday, Went Hiking at the White Cliffs of Dover (2019-04-21) 346
Saturday, Day Trip from Dover to Canterbury (2019-04-20) 241
Friday, Went to Dover Castle (2019-04-19) 259
Thursday, Brighton to Dover by Bus (2019-04-18) 197
Wednesday, Went Hiking at the Seven Sisters Country Park (2019-04-17) 179
Monday, Weymouth to Brighton by Bus (2019-04-15) 234
Sunday, Went to the Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove (2019-04-14) 227
Saturday, Fossil Hunting at Charmouth Beach (2019-04-13) 177
Friday, Cardiff Wales to The Jurassic Coast by Train (2019-04-12) 267
Thursday, Went to the famous Caerphilly Castle (2019-04-11) 320
Wednesday, All Day Exploring Cardiff and Cardiff Bay (2019-04-10) 173
Tuesday, Betws-y-Coed to Cardiff by Train (2019-04-09) 175
Monday, Went to See the Caernarfon Castle (2019-04-08) 186
Sunday, Hiking in Snowdonia National Park (2019-04-07) 439
Saturday, Conwy Castle and Beach Hike to Llandudno (2019-04-06) 138
Friday, Liverpool to Betws-Y-Coed Wales by Train and Bus (2019-04-05) 190
Thursday, All Day Exploring Liverpool England (2019-04-04) 173
Wednesday, Glasgow to Liverpool by Bus (2019-04-03) 174
Tuesday, Day Trip to Stirling Castle and Wallace Monument (2019-04-02) 155
Sunday, Went to Bothwell Castle and Clyde River Trail (2019-03-31) 300
Saturday, All Day Exploring Glasgow Scotland (2019-03-30) 220
Friday, Portree Isle of Skye to Glasgow by Bus (2019-03-29) 209
Thursday, Hiked up to the Old Man of Storr Rock Pinnacles (2019-03-28) 183
Wednesday, Hiked the Great Escarpment near Portree Scotland (2019-03-27) 183
Tuesday, All Day Tour of Isle of Skye (2019-03-26) 172
Monday, Inverness to Portree, Isle of Skye, by Bus (2019-03-25) 194
Sunday, Carnac Point and Merkinch Nature Reserve (2019-03-24) 318
Saturday, Hiked the Great Glen Way from Inverness (2019-03-23) 230
Friday, Bike Ride to Loch Ness and Caledonian Canal (2019-03-22) 197
Thursday, Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle (2019-03-21) 159
Wednesday, Edinburgh to Inverness by Bus (2019-03-20) 160
Tuesday, Craigmiller Castle and Rosslyn Chapel (2019-03-19) 362
Monday, Greyfriar's Kirkyard, Greyfriar's Bobby, and St. Mary's Cathedral (2019-03-18) 256
Sunday, Calton Hill and Arthur's Seat (2019-03-17) 181
Friday, Edinburgh Castle and Old Town (2019-03-15) 201
Thursday, London to Edinburgh by Train (2019-03-14) 191
Wednesday, Buckingham Palace Changing of the Guard and Hampstead Heath (2019-03-13) 200
Tuesday, St Paul's Cathedral and The National Gallery (2019-03-12) 197
Monday, All Day Tour to Stonehenge and Bath (2019-03-11) 192
Sunday, Tower Bridge and Camden Market (2019-03-10) 197
Saturday, Went to Buckingham Palace, Fleet Street, and St. Paul's Cathedral (2019-03-09) 204
Friday, Palace of Westminster, Tower Bridge (2019-03-08) 219
Thursday, First Day in London (2019-03-07) 196