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Kenya to Spain, 2019

This is a photo blog of my trip to Kenya in the fall of 2019. I went right after the high season and went to as many national parks as possible.

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Spring time in Europe 2019

This is a photo blog about my three month trip to the United Kingdom and Western Europe in the spring of 2019. I went early in the year to beat the Summer crowds.

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Big Asia Trip 2018

My big Asia trip started in Beijing on June, 2018 and ended in December, 2018. I went all the way across China and into the 'stans for a couple of months. Then I flew south to Dubai, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Myanmar. I went to Laos by bus and then back up through China to Beijing by train.

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Epic Euro Trip: 21 Countries in Three Months

These are the notes from my 3 month trip around Europe in 2010. It covers 20+ countries, including Turkey, Egypt, and Israel. The only flights we took were from Belfast to Amsterdam, Athens to Cairo, round trip, and Athens to Rome.