Thursday, First Day in Lanzhou

Lanzhou, China
Thursday, July 19, 2018
Went down to the Yellow River walkway and took in the sights. The river level is about the same as the sidewalk level and is overflowing the sidewalk at some points. There are open air bars and bar boats all along the way full of people drinking beer.

I went back down there at night and the temples and buildings on the other side of the river are spectacularly lit up. The White Pagoda at the top of the park is lit up with spotlights.

I also walked over to the Zhengning Road Night Market and ate some satay and a spicy meat sandwich for dinner. The whole are around the food market is packed with other vendor stalls, selling items such us fake purses and clothes, and people have to walk in the street.

As I was heading back to the hotel, I spotted a huge lit up mosque the next block over from the pedestrian part of Zhangye Road. I went over to take pictures of it and also found the bus terminal. The Chinese really know how to light up buildings.


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