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Saturday, Day Trip to Mianshan Mountain

Pingyao, China
Saturday, July 7, 2018
Took the 7:20 am bus to Jiexiu and then caught a bus to Mianshan. Some other people from Pingyao where doing the same thing so I followed them. Mianshan is a huge tourist complex and is pretty well organized.

Once you are inside there are hop on hop off buses that run continuously up and down the narrow, cliff-side mountain road and stop at the many attractions. I road the bus all the way to the end and then worked my way back to the beginning.

About half way through it started raining hard so I had to cut the hiking short because of the slick steps. The highlights were the Stairway to Heaven staircase that is built onto the side of a cliff and the Temple Cave.

Even though Mianshan is only about 30 km from Pingyao, the buses take forever because of the traffic and they wait until they are full before taking off. This is an industrial area so there are huge trucks clogging every road. The bus drivers like to pass into oncoming traffic and play chicken with the big trucks.

The buses coming back were a little more complicated because the bus from Mianshan doesn't stop at the same terminal that the bus to Pingyao leaves from. The terminal with buses to Pingyao is about a block down the street on the other side.

Got back to Pingyao at about 5 pm, had dinner right outside of the North Gate. Later I booked the Xi'an train and a hotel for Monday for 4 nights. Looking forward to Xi'an.


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