Saturday, Bus from Kandy to Sigiriya and Minneriya National Park

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka
Saturday, November 3, 2018
Left the hotel at 06:30.  I had paid the night before because the hotel people are usually sleeping somewhere in the early morning. 

I walked the two kms to the Central Bus Station which is right by the train station, Map Location: 7.290085, 80.631245 .  There were a lot of people in the street for early Saturday morning.

The bus left at 07:35 and cost 160 LKR, less than 1 USD for the 3 hour trip.  We arrived in Sigiriya at about 10:00.  The bus stopped to let someone off right in front of the hotel that I booked so I hustled off too.

After getting my room I headed to Minneriya National Park for an afternoon elephant safari.  The hotel guy told me how to get there by 14:00 but I got there at 12:30 and it was raining a little.

There were a bunch of safari jeep drivers outside waiting for customers.  I negotiated them down a little then took off into the park.  The safari was about 23 USD and the park entry fee was about 28 USD after all the taxes were added in so it wasn't cheap.

We saw a lot of birds including eagles, some big water monitors, and the usual spotty dears.  When we got to the huge lake we saw groups of elephants way off on the far side.

On the the way back we stopped at a viewing tower and right on cue a big bull elephant walked into view out in the lake.  He walking along, splashing around in the water and eating the grass growing in the lake.

Back in the jeep we saw another big bull elephant with a broken leg who could barely and it looked like he was going to fall over with every step.  The driver that he probably was the one who got hit by a train.

The safari guy dropped me off back in Sigiriya and I had an extra spicy curry chicken for lunch / dinner.  The main street in Sigiriya is lined with tourist restaurants that have nice open balconies.


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