Monday, High Speed Train from Pingyao to Xi'an

Xi'an, China
Monday, July 9, 2018
Another cool, rainy day in Pingyao. I finally got to take the high-speed bullet train instead of the normal, slow train.

Left the hotel right before the 12:00 check out time. Walked out the North gate and a few blocks up to the bus stop for Bus #8 to the High Speed Train Station. The bus finally came along and then he waited awhile for more people. Got to the station and had a nice train ride to Xi'an.

Got to Xi'an at about 5 pm. From the Xi'an North Train Station took the subway to the Yongningmen station which is close to the South gate and about a 15 minute walk to the Eastwood Inn. I looked for a Xi'an metro card so I wouldn't have to buy tickets every time but there was only one machine and it had no English option. I asked the ticket seller and he didn't understand what I wanted.

The Eastwood Inn was easy to find and I got my room with a private bathroom. Went to the closest restaurant and had a nice noodle dish for dinner.

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