Big Asia Trip 2018

My big Asia trip started in Beijing on June, 2018 and ended in December, 2018. The plan was to travel for six months and make a circle through China and dip down to Myanmar and Laos. I got side-tracked and kept going west after Urumqi, China into the 'stans for a couple of months. Then I extended the circle by flying south to Dubai, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Myanmar. I continued overland through Myanmar and Laos by bus and then back up through China to Beijing by train.

Here is where I went:
Beijing, China
Great Wall of China (Badaling)
Datong, China
Yungang Grottoes
Hanging Monastery (Hunyuan, China)
Pingyao, China
Mianshan Mountain (Jiexiu, China)
Xi'an, China
Terracotta Warriors Site
Huashan Mountains
Longmen Grottoes (Luoyang, China)
Maijishan Grottoes (Tianshui, China)
Lanzhou, China
Zhangye, China (Danxia Geological Park)
Jiayuguen, China
Dunhuang, China
Urumqi, China
Kashgar, China
Yining Ile, China
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Karakol, Kyrgyzstan
Toktogul, Kyrgyzstan
Osh, Kyrgyzstan
Khujand, Tajikistan
Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Bukhara, Uzbekistan
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Shymkent, Kazakhstan
Turkestan, Kazakhstan
Taraz, Kazakhstan
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
New Delhi, India
Agra, India
Ranthambhore National Park, India
Jaipur, India
Jodhpur, India
Kathmandu, Nepal
Nagarkot, Nepal
Chitwan National Park, Nepal
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Kandy, Sri Lanka
Sigiriya, Sri Lanka
Ella, Sri Lanka
Tissa, Sri Lanka
Galle, Sri Lanka
Bangkok, Thailand
Mandalay, Myanmar
Bagan, Myanmar
Yangon, Myanmar
Npa An, Myanmar
(crossed Thailand by bus in less than 24 hours)
Vientiane, Laos
Luang Prabang, Laos
Luang Namtha, Laos
Jinghong, China
Kunming, China
Guilin, China
Nanjing, China
Beijing, China

Blog Posts (140)

Sunday, Souvenir Shopping in Beijing (2018-12-16) 93
Saturday, Nanjing to Beijing by Train (2018-12-15) 101
Friday, All Day in Nanjing (2018-12-14) 97
Thursday, Guilin to Nanjing by Train (2018-12-13) 66
Tuesday, Guilin to Yangshuo Li River Boat Tour (2018-12-11) 102
Monday, Went from Kunming to Guilin by Train (2018-12-10) 74
Sunday, Went hiking in Western Hills Park in Kunming, China (2018-12-09) 72
Friday, Jinghong to Kunming China by Bus (2018-12-07) 76
Thursday, Luang Namtha, Laos to Jinghong, China by Bus (2018-12-06) 73
Wednesday, From Luang Namtha to Muang Sing by Motorbike (2018-12-05) 69
Tuesday, Exploring the Luang Namtha Laos Countryside by Bike (2018-12-04) 75
Sunday, Biked from Luang Prabang to Kuang Si Waterfall (2018-12-02) 72
Monday, Luang Prabang to Luang Namtha by Bus (2018-12-02) 62
Saturday, All Day in Luang Prabang, Laos (2018-12-01) 68
Friday, All Day Bus Ride from Vientiane to Luang Prabang, Laos (2018-11-30) 72
Thursday, All Day Exploring Vientiane, Laos (2018-11-29) 69
Wednesday, Went from Kohn Kaen, Thailand to Vientiane, Laos (2018-11-28) 87
Tuesday, Went from Hpa An Myanmar to Phitsanulok Thailand (2018-11-27) 90
Monday, All Day Exploring the Hpa An Area (2018-11-26) 76
Sunday, Went from Yangon to Hpa An by Bus (2018-11-25) 79
Saturday, All Day in Yangon, Myanmar (2018-11-24) 74
Friday, First Day in Yangon, Myanmar (2018-11-23) 75
Thursday, Sunrise over the Pagodas, Night Bus to Yangon (2018-11-22) 101
Wednesday, All Day Exploring the Pagodas at Bagan Myanmar (2018-11-21) 117
Tuesday, Nyaung Shwe to Bagan Bus (2018-11-20) 67
Monday, Biking Around Inle Lake and Taunggyi Balloon Festival (2018-11-19) 89
Sunday, Kalaw to Nyaung Shwe and Afternoon Boat Tour of Inle Lake (2018-11-18) 82
Saturday, Went from Kalaw to Inle Lake by Motorbike (2018-11-17) 89
Friday, Went from Mandalay to Kalaw by Bus (2018-11-16) 99
Thursday, Went up Mandalay Hill and Sandar Muni Pagoda (2018-11-15) 80
Wednesday, Flew from Bangkok to Mandalay, Myanmar (2018-11-14) 68
Tuesday, Went to Grand Palace and Wat Arun in Bangkok (2018-11-13) 79
Monday, Flew from Colombo to Bangkok (2018-11-12) 69
Sunday, Galle to Colombo by Train (2018-11-11) 80
Saturday, Went from Tissa to Galle by Tuk-tuk (2018-11-10) 87
Friday, Yala National Park All Day Safari (2018-11-09) 84
Thursday, Took a Minibus from Ella to Tissa, Sri Lanka (2018-11-08) 109
Wednesday, Hiked up to Little Adam's Peak (2018-11-07) 107
Tuesday, Took the Scenic Train from Kandy to Ella, Sri Lanka (2018-11-06) 93
Monday, Climbed Pedurangula Rock, Took the Bus to Kandy (2018-11-05) 84
Sunday, Cave Temple in Dambulla, Biking Around Sigiriya (2018-11-04) 78
Saturday, Bus from Kandy to Sigiriya and Minneriya National Park (2018-11-03) 97
Friday, Spent All Day Exploring Kandy, Sri Lanka (2018-11-02) 72
Thursday, Took the Train from Colombo to Kandy, Sri Lanka (2018-11-01) 69
Wednesday, Spent All Day Exploring Colombo, Sri Lanka (2018-10-31) 106
Tuesday, Flew from Delhi to Colombo, Sri Lanka (2018-10-30) 77
Monday, Flew from Kathmandu to Delhi (2018-10-29) 73
Sunday, Relaxing Day in Kathmandu (2018-10-28) 85
Saturday, All Day Bus from Chitwan to Kathmandu (2018-10-27) 80
Friday, Exploring Chitwan National Park (2018-10-26) 75
Thursday, Bus from Kathmandu to Chitwan National Park (2018-10-25) 94
Wednesday, Swayambhunayh Temple and Kathmandu Durbar Square (2018-10-24) 80
Tuesday, Hiked from Nagarkot to Naya Basti (2018-10-23) 98
Monday, All Day Hike from Chisapani to Nagarkot (2018-10-22) 105
Sunday, All Day Hike from Sundarijal to Chisapani (2018-10-21) 94
Saturday, Spent All Day Exploring Kathmandu (2018-10-20) 80
Friday, Flew from New Delhi to Kathmandu, Nepal (2018-10-19) 75
Thursday, All Day Drive from Jodhpur to Delhi (2018-10-18) 65
Wednesday, Spent All Day Touring Jodhpur (2018-10-17) 70
Tuesday, Drove from Jaipur to Jodhpur (2018-10-16) 79
Monday, Spent All Day Touring Jaipur, India (2018-10-15) 129
Sunday, Another Tiger Safari in Ranthambhore National Park (2018-10-14) 81
Saturday, Morning Tiger Safari at Ranthambhore National Park (2018-10-13) 100
Thursday, All Day Touring Agra India (2018-10-11) 92
Wednesday, Delhi to Agra and Taj Majal Tour (2018-10-10) 79
Monday, India Gate, Qutb Minaret, and Humayun Tomb (2018-10-08) 74
Sunday, Flight from Dubai to New Delhi and First Day in India (2018-10-07) 83
Saturday, All Day Tour to Abu Dhabi from Dubai (2018-10-06) 81
Friday, Dubai Marina Beach (2018-10-05) 73
Thursday, The Old Souk and the Dubai Creek Boardwalk (2018-10-04) 83
Wednesday, Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour All Day (2018-10-03) 73
Tuesday, Flew from Almaty to Dubai (2018-10-02) 80
Monday, Took the Cable Car up to Kok Tobe (2018-10-01) 72
Thursday, Took the train from Taraz to Almaty (2018-09-27) 89
Wednesday, Took a Marshrutka from Shymkent to Taraz (2018-09-26) 88
Tuesday, Day Trip from Shymkent to Turkestan (2018-09-25) 93
Sunday, Border Crossing Tashkent to Shymkent (2018-09-23) 88
Friday, Took the Train from Bukhara to Tashkent, Uzbekistan (2018-09-21) 79
Thursday, Took the Train from Samarkand to Bukhara, Uzbekistan (2018-09-20) 101
Tuesday, Took Shared Taxis from Dushanbe, Tajikistan to Samarkand, Uzbekistan (2018-09-18) 81
Monday, Went to the Mekhrgon Baazar (2018-09-17) 98
Sunday, Went to the Hisor Fortress (2018-09-16) 72
Friday, Uzbek Embassy for a Visa (2018-09-14) 82
Thursday, Khujand to Dushanbe by Shared Taxi (2018-09-13) 86
Monday, Took Marshrutkas from Osh Kyrgyzstan to Khujand Tajikistan (2018-09-10) 87
Sunday, Spent the Day Exploring Osh Kyrgyzstan (2018-09-09) 75
Saturday, All Day Bus from Toktogul to Osh Kyrgyzstan (2018-09-08) 78
Friday, Shared Taxi from Bishkek to Toktogul (2018-09-07) 84
Thursday, Getting Ready to go to Osh (2018-09-06) 79
Tuesday, Returned to Bishkek from Karakol (2018-09-04) 76
Thursday, Mountain Biking from Karakol to Issyk Kul Lake (2018-08-30) 107
Tuesday, Went Hiking in Karakol Gorge National Park (2018-08-28) 118
Monday, Took the Bus from Bishkek to Karakol near Lake Issyk Kul (2018-08-27) 80
Sunday, Seeing More Sights in Bishkek (2018-08-26) 74
Saturday, Went Shopping at the Osh Bazaar in Bishkek (2018-08-25) 81
Friday, Crossed the Border from Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan (2018-08-24) 85
Wednesday, Went to Shymbulak Ski Resort Again (2018-08-22) 79
Sunday, Hiked from Medeu to Shymbulak Ski Resort (2018-08-19) 74
Friday, Hike to Kok Zhailau (2018-08-17) 101
Wednesday, Hike to Alma Arasan Gorge (2018-08-15) 74
Tuesday, Exploring Almaty Kazakhstan (2018-08-14) 84
Monday, Crossed the border from China to Kazakhstan, Ile Yining to Almaty (2018-08-13) 160
Friday, Overnight Train from Urumqi to Yining China (2018-08-10) 82
Thursday, Urumqi Tour to Nanshan Southern Pasture (2018-08-09) 68
Tuesday, Kashgar to Urumqi Flight (2018-08-07) 71
Sunday, Kashgar Animal Market (2018-08-05) 107
Saturday, Huge Mao Statue near People's Park and Kashgar Old Town (2018-08-04) 114
Friday, Flight from Urumqi to Kashgar (2018-08-03) 72
Thursday, International Grand Bazaar Xinjiang in Urumqi (2018-08-02) 76
Wednesday, Trains from Dunhuang to Yumen to Urumqi (2018-08-01) 70
Tuesday, Back to the Echo Sands Site to Climb the Sand Mountains (2018-07-31) 69
Monday, Mogao Grottoes and Mingsha Shan Crescent Moon Lake (2018-07-30) 75
Sunday, Jiayuguan to Dunhuang by Slow Train (2018-07-29) 91
Friday, Jiayuguan Fort and Overhanging Great Wall (2018-07-27) 126
Thursday, Zhangye to Jiayuguan by Fast Train (2018-07-26) 80
Tuesday, Dafu Giant Buddha and the Danxia Rainbow Mountains (2018-07-24) 71
Monday, Fast Train from Lanzhou to Zhangye (2018-07-23) 80
Saturday, Hike to the top of Baitashan Park (2018-07-21) 76
Thursday, First Day in Lanzhou (2018-07-19) 113
Wednesday, Train from Xi'an to Lanzhou with a stopover at Maijishan Grottoes (2018-07-18) 77
Tuesday, Xi'an Day trip to Luoyang Longmen Grottoes (2018-07-17) 73
Monday, Recovered from Huashan Climb (2018-07-16) 67
Sunday, Xi'an Day Trip to Huashan Mountains (2018-07-15) 84
Friday, Night Bike Ride on the Xi'an City Wall (2018-07-13) 80
Thursday, Walked the Xi'an City Wall (2018-07-12) 84
Wednesday, Xi'an: Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Bell Tower at Night (2018-07-11) 80
Tuesday, All Day Trip to the Terracotta Warriors Site from Xi'an (2018-07-10) 76
Monday, High Speed Train from Pingyao to Xi'an (2018-07-09) 72
Sunday, Pingyao and Shuanglin Temple (2018-07-08) 95
Saturday, Day Trip to Mianshan Mountain (2018-07-07) 90
Friday, All Day in Pingyao (2018-07-06) 103
Thursday, Train from Datong to Pingyao (2018-07-05) 67
Wednesday, Day Trip to Hanging Monastery (2018-07-04) 68
Tuesday, Yungang Grottoes Day Trip (2018-07-03) 70
Monday, Train from Beijing to Datong (2018-07-02) 66
Sunday, Jingshan Park and Beijai Park (2018-07-01) 67
Saturday, Beijing Summer Palace (2018-06-30) 74
Friday, Great Wall of China at Badaling (2018-06-29) 74
Thursday, Tienanmen Square (2018-06-28) 104